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TOP DAWG Pylon Racer The Beeker by cbalgra of Orange CA.

Mike Morrissey ( Depronicus ) - The HAMMER ( limmacslim ) - SBACH

Mike Mayberry (MDC) F-14 and YF-23

Wild designs by (Otto) Dieffenbach

Deigns by Marcel du Plessis (vleisie)

Designs by Tony Audsley ( Lockey )
Tony Audsley (Lockey)
Tony Audsley (Lockey)
Tony Audsley (Lockey)
Tony Audsley (Lockey)

Planes designed by Scott Swanson

Foam and Tape designs

Solid designs by CHARA in Germany

Something from Europe by Thomas B
Thomas B

Planes by by Andrew Radcliff
LARGE & Small Sim SYM Sam

GPW an RCGroups Icon and long time contributor
Universal Fuselage

Jugen Bestenlehner inspired by Rusty-Gun
Lisa & Judi * Judi2X

From the UK by RJPIoW
Sopwith Pup

From France F. Sutter ( ttersu )

Funbats by JHTitan

Designs by Birdofplay

Birdofplay contributions adn rescalings
50% size designs 75% size designs 125% size designs
Slick Stuff Blank Foam, Ply Horns
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