NOTICE: My reserve stock of 3mm Depron has been depleted.
As of 2021, Kits with 3mm parts will no longer be offered. Sorry.

ADDITIONALLY: I ONLY have 10 cases / 140 sheets of 6mm MPF - as of Aug 27, 2021
It's no longer a product !THERE IS NO MORE MPF TO BE HAD !
It's like being thrown back to 2004

I suggest that you get your orders in now, because when MPF is gone
Hoosier Cutout Service will no longer be able to fill ANY orders.
Alternates include Fanfold Pink as well as Fanfold Blue, but only IF I can find a supplier.

At present Depron is ~2X the cost of MPF so I am assuming that nobody will be willing to pay
for material plus the lastest across the board hikes in Shipping.

Hoosier Cutout Service was established in 2005 and enjoyed a good run for 17 years.

A sincere THANK YOU to all of my customers.


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3D Milling
3D Printing
Large format
Folger FT-5
and AC Predator Delta
370x455mm bed
Click here for more info and examples
Model Plane Foam is soon coming to an end
Stay tuned for alternatives as they present themselves
Foamy cutting services Since 2005
for foamy models from the following Designers
The Designers
Klingon D7 Cruiser

Buck Rogers Starfighter,

Enterprise D by SGTalon

Jupiter Duck by Thomas B

Jupiter Bee by Thomas B

The Beeker by cbalgra of Orange CA.
The Beeker

Bird Of Prey by Robertus

Lockeys Bubble Jet EDF

Lockeys VIKING Prop or EDF

The Simple Cessna 310 by jeffsch & dz1sfb

Now kiting the Polaris designed by Jetset44
And as of Sept 2020 I have the original XL size as well.

Planes designed by Scott Swanson


Jugen Bestenlehner inspired by Rusty-Gun

Lisa & Judi * Judi2X

From the UK by RJPIoW

Sopwith Pup

The Tri-Valley Pylon Racer
The Slowly.
Mike Mayberry (MDC) F-14 and YF-23

Wild designs by (Otto) Dieffenbach

Deigns by Marcel du Plessis (vleisie)
from South Africa

Designs by Tony Audsley RCG's ( Lockey )
From Perth Australia

Pak 50 TR-1 & SU34
Pak50 TR-1

Foam and Tape designs

Solid designs by CHARA in Germany


Something from Europe by Thomas B of RGRroups

Planes by by Andrew Radcliff

LARGE & Small Sim SYM Sam

GPW an RCGroups Icon and long time contributor

Universal Fuselage
Horten Wing in two flavors
The Bird

From France F. Sutter ( ttersu )


Funbats by JHTitan


Designs by Birdofplay

Birdofplay contributions and rescalings

50% size designs

75% size designs

125% size designs

Video Gallery
Indiana State weather
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